Welcome to Cliffside Software's Club Ex, where Plan AHEAD users share their exercises!

Currently, Club Ex offers the following services:

  • Downloading of Plan AHEAD exercises - you can select an exercise another Plan AHEAD user has provided.
  • Uploading of Plan AHEAD exercises - you can provide other Plan AHEAD users with exercises you have created.
  • Corresponding with other exercise developers - send Plan AHEAD users an email

The Club rules are straightforward:

  1. Only "Startup" Exercises will be accepted into the Club Ex archives
    1. This is to prevent sharing of potentially proprietary information.
    2. For a discussion of the various Exercise types, see the Plan AHEAD User's Guide or on-line help in Plan AHEAD.
  2. Only registered Club Ex members may share exercises or correspond with other members.
    1. All visitors to the Club are welcome to browse the listings, but will not be permitted to download exercises.
    2. In the interests of privacy, Cliffside only provides e-mail capability to other Club members.

To begin participating in Club Ex, please enter your password below and click the "Enter Club" button. Unregistered visitors without a password may leave the password field blank.

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